Digital Printing, GOTS Certified Organic Cotton

The patterned fabrics used in our designs are all digitally printed on GOTS Certified Organic Cotton material.

Digital printing offers an eco-friendly alternative to traditional rotary screen printing, with advantages in water and power consumption and the elimination of harmful chemicals. Instead of requiring hundreds of gallons of water to yield a single yard of screen-printed fabric, the digital printing process is virtually water-free. That advantage is two-fold; digital printing avoids the consumption of a limited resource and eliminates the need to dispose of toxic wastewater.

According to the World Bank, the treatment and dyeing of textiles account for nearly 20% of industrial water pollution globally, second only to agriculture.

The power consumption of digital printers is also a fraction of their screen printer counterparts, making this process an exciting step in moving towards sustainable practices in the textile industry.

The printing process uses non-toxic, biodegradable, water-based pigment inks.