About Fyne

Fyne focuses on reducing textile waste by incorporating used clothing into new designs. The pieces are ethically made in Canada, using reclaimed and sustainable materials. Fyne makes fun, vibrant clothing and the world a little bit better at the same time. It is a fusion of my long-standing love of creating and my passion for looking after this one little earth of ours.

This business is inspired by my Grandma Jean, who was born in October 1929 at the start of the Great Depression. Growing up, she learned how to use every last thing that came into her possession. I was enchanted by stories of how my Grandma and Great Grandma would take worn-out adult clothes, carefully pick them apart and refashion them into new garments for my mom, her siblings and cousins. My Grandma had a whole room of shoeboxes filled with the scrap material she had carefully sorted and stored for future use.

My Grandma instilled in me the value of extending the life of things. We never ripped our presents open at Christmas. She taught us to slide our fingernail under the tape, carefully open the wrapping paper, fold it back up and return it to her so she could use it again the following year. While beautiful cards always accompanied gifts, my Grandma never wrote names on the envelope so she could reuse them. When she bought something, she intended to keep it for life, carefully reading the instruction manual, filing it away and performing all maintenance at the exact recommended interval. She washed and reused zip lock bags, watered-down shampoo, and squeezed every last bit out of a tube of toothpaste.

When I started Fyne, I wanted to grow the ideal of preserving instead of consuming. I hope to make it easier for people to do better by giving them better options.